The purpose
Information about neck injuries
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The purpose

Being an independent, non-political national organization. based on a voluntary basis, in which the individual is central. Whose purpose is to improve the neck injured condition in society. By operating as a pressure group towards healthcare, government and other stakeholders. (That is, we head injury victims who constantly have to demonstrate the responsibility of society according to EU court's decision has to follow)

Our goal is to work for
- increased expertise on neck injury, not only among doctors but also for judges in all courts of the various injury cases was hit sooner or later will be settled. - today is the ability to benefit from modern investigation by the contacts Neck Injury Association is the leading international specialists. Swedish health care can not yet determine the harm that has been affected. This leads to neck injuries must seek abroad, to get an accurate medical assessment, followed by appropriate treatment.

- Neck injuries need medical care that helps, not hinders patient. - one from a patient's viewpoint, the medical insurance system - addressed during the Board's control of the insurance doctor should be held liable for tampering allegations such as lack of connection between the traffic events and the resulting inconvenience. - that an independent authority created to which patients can address their complaints. - to support individuals in the care process and in liaising with the authorities and the judiciary. - statutory patients' rights.

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